Increasing Demand for Coconut Shell Briquette Charcoal on Internasional Market

The demand for briquette charcoal products in the international market has shown significant growth in recent years. Here are some key factors contributing to this increase:

1. Increased Environmental Awareness

Briquette charcoal is considered a more environmentally friendly alternative compared to fossil fuels. Charcoal briquettes are usually made from biomass waste such as rice husks, sawdust, or coconut shells, which helps reduce waste and carbon emissions.

2. Widespread Use in Industry and Households

Briquette charcoal is widely used in various industries such as the food industry (BBQ), household heating, and also in the industrial sector for efficient and clean combustion processes.

3. Stable Energy Needs

Many developing and emerging countries need a stable and efficient energy source. Charcoal briquettes, with high energy content and relatively low cost, meet this need.

4. Government Policies and Incentives

Some countries encourage the use of environmentally friendly fuels through policies and incentives, which drive the production and consumption of briquette charcoal.

5. Expansion of the International Market

Countries like China, India, European countries, and North America have become major markets for briquette charcoal, with increasing demand every year.

Recent Statistics and Data

Here are some data points showing the increase in demand for briquette charcoal in the international market:

  • Export Volume: Many briquette charcoal producing countries, such as Indonesia, have seen a significant increase in export volumes. For example, Indonesia reported an increase in briquette charcoal exports of around 20-30% per year in recent years.
  • Market Price: The price of briquette charcoal in the international market also shows an upward trend, reflecting the increasing global demand.
  • Market Reports: According to reports from various market research agencies, such as MarketsandMarkets and Grand View Research, the global briquette charcoal market is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6-7% over the period 2021-2026.

Challenges and Prospects

  • Challenges: Despite increasing demand, the briquette charcoal industry faces challenges such as fluctuations in raw material prices, strict environmental regulations, and competition from other alternative fuels.
  • Prospects: With technological innovation and improved production efficiency, the prospects for the briquette charcoal market remain positive. Research and development in this field also have the potential to open up new markets and new applications for briquette charcoal.

Overall, the demand for briquette charcoal products in the international market is expected to continue to grow, driven by environmental, economic, and policy factors that support the use of cleaner and more efficient fuels.

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